Galvanised IGEL® Z for soft wood deckings

Brilliant laying system, galvanised for soft wood deckings with the Z-Connector base element (double angle clamp) and the Z-Starter registered design DE 201 12 018.6
Patent: EP 1407357 B1, DE 10230797 C2

Z connector for board widths of 19 cm to 28 cm and more



All natural with beautiful aesthetics.

  • No visible screws in the surface.
  • No scratches in the wood from the screw heads.
  • Using the double angled clamp on the outside of the board applies the greatest possible force. Constant laying joints without further aids (e.g. spacers).

Secure system with laying aids.

  • Simple laying
  • Assembling with the IGEL® system is faster than normal screwing. There is no drilling and sinking.
  • As a result of the special design, the IGEL® fastening is secured against movement with just one fastening screw.

Wood preservation by design.

  • The foot board on the IGEL fastening creates a space between the subconstruction and cover. Waterlogging is avoided.

IGEL® Z system. The components:

IGEL® Z Starter

IGEL® Z Starter
  • for laying the first and the last board
  • easy to use as the starting clamp
  • possible as end clamp in combination with switch
  • without visible screws on the decking surface

IGEL® Z Connector

IGEL® Z Connector
Wood preservation
  • for ungrooved soft wood /composite decking planks
  • without visible screws on the decking surface
  • Suitable for planks of 19 cm to 28 cm and more
  • no clapping noise as a result of the boards touching the core directly
  • can be re-used
  • Wood preservation by design as a result of a gap to the subconstruction
  • complete with stainless steel screws