Decking systems – hidden deck fastening systems for terraces – TuttoDuo, IGEL®, BWS – simple levelling NivoDeck, PlanoForm…

All natural, pure architecture – beautiful aesthetics: Terrace in perfection with B&W fastening systems:

NEW TuttoDuo Connector:

The all-rounder for terrace coverings with lateral groove. Good constructional wood protection by 9 mm distance from subconstruction, no accumulated wetness. Individual planks can be replaced subsequently.
Fibreglass-reinforced plastic with 2 mm stainless steel plate and screw for 5 mm joint, groove insert 12.5 mm


IGEL® fastening system for ungrooved timber – the system with the strong core:
Natural wood. Without visible screws in the surface. Quick and easy with the tried and tested


BWS fastening system for grooved terrace boards – Board Wing Solution.

Lay terraces perfectly with the BWS connector.


and the complete decking accessories:

NivoDeck – functional levelling aid for subconstructions for terraces for low-level construction heights, areas with slight differences in height – higher adjustable range.

PlanoForm for areas with large height differences.

Practical accessories for the ideal subconstruction, such as root membrane, loftis, isopat, isostep, stainless steel screws and spacers.

MultiMount and ProfiMount laying devices – simple, secure clamping technology for precise laying.

Braun & Würfele is a wide-ranging specialist for terraces, decking, fastening systems, hidden deck fastener solutions and for wood preservation by design.

Terrace laying – simple, quick, permanently beautiful:

Laying films IGEL®, BWS, NivoDeck, ProfiMount, MultiMount, Switch

Decking systems, levelling, assembly in the current catalogue

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